Which Teams Qualified For 2018 FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2018 32 Qualified Teams For The Finals

Here is the complete list of 32 qualified teams for 2018 Football World Cup to be held in Russia. All National teams which will be playing the 21st edition of FIFA World Cup of 2018 are mentioned in this article. We have got the best 32 teams for the FIFA World Cup 2018. 31 teams qualified via qualifiers, while Russia qualified as hosts. This edition of FIFA World Cup is considered as the biggest edition of all previous World Cups. From all 211 FIFA Football teams, only 32 teams will play the biggest Football competition on the planet to be held in Russia in 2018. Maximum 14 countries from UEFA [Europe] Confederation qualified, more than any other Confederation. No team managed to qualify from OFC [Oceania] Confederation. So without wasting time, let’s take a look at teams which have qualified for the Russia Football World Cup. Brace yourself for all qualified teams of this upcoming World Cup.

fifa world cup 2018 qualified teams

FIFA World Cup 2018 32 Qualified Teams For The Finals

As Russia is the host nation of the World Cup, they automatically qualified for the finals. Remaining 31 teams including Champions Germany had to go through qualifiers. Five times World Champions Brazil was the first team that qualified through the qualification process. Los Canarinhos were unstoppable throughout the qualifiers. The made it to the finals on 28th March 2017.

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Qualified team Qualified as Qualification Date Appearance Last Appearance
Russia Hosts 2 Dec 2010 11th 2014
Brazil CONMEBOL winners 28 Mar 2017 21st 2014
Iran AFC 3rd Round GA winners 12 June 2017 5th 2014
Japan AFC 3rd Round GB Winners 31 Aug 2017 6th 2014
Mexico CONCACAF 5th Round Winners 1 Sep 2017 16th 2014
Belgium UEFA GH winners 3 Sep 2017 13th 2014
South Korea AFC 3rd Round GA runners-up 5 Sep 2017 10th 2014
Saudi Arabia AFC 3rd Round GB runners-up 5 Sep 2017 5th 2006
Germany UEFA GC winners 5 Oct 2017 19th 2014
England UEFA GF winners 5 Oct 2017 15th 2014
Spain UEFA GG winners 6 Oct 2017 15th 2014
Nigeria CAF 3rd Round GB winners 7 Oct 2017 6th 2014
Costa Rica CONCACAF 5th Round runners-up 7 Oct 2017 5th 2014
Poland UEFA GE winners 8 Oct 2017 8th 2006
Egypt CAF Third Round GE winners 8 Oct 2017 3rd 1990
Iceland UEFA GI winners 9 Oct 2017 1st
Serbia UEFA GD winners 9 Oct 2017 12th 2010
Portugal UEFA GB winners 10 Oct 2017 7th 2014
France UEFA GA winners 10 Oct 2017 15th 2014
Uruguay CONMEBOL Round Robin runners-up 10 Oct 2017 13th 2014
Argentina CONMEBOL Round Robin third-place 10 Oct 2017 17th 2014
Colombia CONMEBOL Round Robin fourth-place 10 Oct 2017 6th 2014
Panama CONCACAF 5th Round 3 place 10 Oct 2017 1st
Senegal CAF 3rd Round GD winners 10 Nov 2017 2nd 2002
Morocco CAF 3rd Round GC winners 11 Nov 2017 5th 1998
Tunisia CAF 3rd Round GA winners 11 Nov 2017 5th 2006
Switzerland UEFA 2nd round winners 12 Nov 2017 11th 2014
Croatia UEFA 2nd Round winners 12 Nov 2017 5th 2014
Sweden UEFA 2nd Round winners 13 Nov 2017 12th 2006
Denmark UEFA 2nd Round winners 14 Nov 2017 5th 2010
Australia CONCACAF v AFC play-off winners 15 Nov 2017 5th 2014
Peru OFC v CONMEBOL play-off winners 15 Nov 2017 5th 1982

Four times World Champions Italy failed to qualified for the World Cup. There are two teams which will play the FIFA World Cup for the first time and these two teams are Iceland and Panama. Iceland qualified as UEFA Group I winners in qualifiers. On the other hand, Panama qualified for the World Cup being the 5th place winning in Round 3 of CONCACAF Confederation.

So these are the qualified teams of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Which side on you are?

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