Video Assistant Referee To Be Used in 2018 FIFA World Cup

2018 FIFA World Cup will be cleaner with minimum possible errors as the 21st edition of Football World Cup got the approval of Video Assistant Referee. Yes, VARs will be used in Russia to host the biggest Football competition this year. The World Football’s panel overseeing the laws of the game to add VAR despite mixed results from trials in top level games. The panel, known as IFAB, voted unanimously to begin updating the game’s written rules to include VAR and let competition organizers as to adopt it.

VAR to be used in 2018 FIFA World Cup

VAR to be used in 2018 FIFA World Cup

Video Assistant Referee To Be Used in 2018 FIFA World Cup

On 16th March this year, the final decision on Video Assistant Referee was taken. The Football Association of Wales Chief Executive Ford was part of the International Football Association Board [ifab] approved the use of VAR for the Russia World Cup. He said

“The official decision for the FIFA World Cup has not been made but it is a landmark decision. The statistics of the over 1,000 games that have used VAR are overwhelming. You go from a 93% accuracy rate to almost 99% accuracy rate. It’s important we get it right, it is for the big decision – red and yellow cards, the goals, mistaken identity – and I think we should be careful we don’t jump.”

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The Video Assistant Referee was not available during the last World Cup which was held in Brazil. Although Goal Line technology and Vanishing spray were used, but VAR was not part of it. However, Russia used the Video Assistant Referee in 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup which got huge appreciations from fans and from critics also. Last year, VAR was declared as one of the most successful inventions for Football. See all referees of this World Cup.

Use of Video review was first announced on the eve of the World Cup in Brazil. FIFA’s then President, Sepp Blatter, surprised IFAB officials in Sao Paulo by suggesting coaches could call on video replays to challenge some refereeing decisions. You may also like to see radio channels of 2018 Football World Cup.

We are pretty much sure that VAR will enhance the cleanliness of Football in this FIFA World Cup. Are you agree with the approval of Video Assistant Referee?

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