Free World Cup Telecast To Arab States By Israel

For the first time, Israel will provide the live telecast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to the Arab States and it will be for free. The nation has revealed that it will provide broadcast for free. FIFA World Cup 2018 is set to begin in Russia this year and a Good News for the Jewish state’s Arabic speaking neighbors has arrived. IBC [Kan] purchased the broadcasting rights of the competition for $7.8 million.

Israel to provide telecast to Arab States

Israel to provide telecast to the Arab States

Israel to provide live telecast of FIFA World Cup to the Arab States

With Qatar’s beIN Sports demanding that fans pay $45 per household to watch the World in Arabic, beyond the budget of many families, millions of Middle East Soccer fans are likely to turn to Israeli coverage as a free alternative.

Although Israel has not qualified for this World Cup, there is huge Football fan following in the nation. The nation has played only one FIFA World Cup in 1970. It advanced through the first two qualifying rounds because of a bye and its opponent North Korea’s disqualification and then won the final qualifying round by winning against Australia.

But it came in the last in its four-team Group 2, drawing two games and losing one. that was before Israel was expelled from the Asian Football Confederation in 1974, and forced to compete in the tougher European qualifying area.

The Football World Cup 2018 is beginning on 14th June in Russia where 32 teams including hosts will compete for the title. All broadcasting channels of 2018 World Cup have been announced. Rusia which is hosting this competition for the first time in history has done almost all the preparations.

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