How Much Is The Prize Money Of 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Wondering about the winning prize money of FIFA World Cup 2018? Get ready to find the total amount of money that will be given to the teams of 2018 Football World Cup. This time, $400 million amount of money will be given to all teams who are playing this competition. FIFA has increased prize money for upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 by 12%. Winner will receive a whopping amount of $38 million which was $35 million in Brazil four years ago. FIFA increased prize money for every team whether they are Winner or Runners-up.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Total Prize Money

The total amount of prize money for this World Cup is $400 million. This is the highest prize money ever in the history of FIFA World Cup. The amount will be given to the respective association who will have negotiated their own financial agreements with their players. Winner of 2018 Football World Cup will receive $38 million. The Runners-up will get $28 million. There is no change in prize money for group stage teams. Check the schedule of 2018 FIFA world cup in GMT.

FIFA said Friday that each of the 32 competing national federations in Russia will get at least $8 million, the same as in 2014 when the overall prize fund was $358 million. The prize fund comes from World Cup revenues that FIFA has projected to exceed $5 billion. Let’s have a look at complete prize money table.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money Distribution Table

Finishing place Prize Money
2018 FIFA World Cup 2014 FIFA World Cup
Winner $38 million $35 million
Runners-up $28 million $25 million
Third Place $24 million $22 million
Fourth Place $22 million $20 million
Quarter Finals $16 million $14 million
Last 16 $12 million $9 million
Group Stage $8 million $8 million

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This is the highest amount of prize money in any edition of FIFA World Cup. Looks like the upcoming World Cup is going to be the biggest edition of all time. Do you want to give any review about this prize money?

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