FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot Name And Images

Are you looking for name and images of 2018 FIFA World Cup Mascot? The official mascot for the Football World Cup of Russia has been unveiled. Here we are providing you free name and free pictures of the Official Mascot. Since the edition of FIFA 1966, each FIFA World Cup has its own Mascot. Host nation Russia has announced the name of Mascot. You may like to see the list of all 36 FIFA World Cup officials. Out of three Mascots: Wolf, Tiger, and Cat, Wolf was selected as the official Mascot for the competition. It was picked up by voting in which more than 1 million participated.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot Name

What is the name of FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot?

Zabivaka is the official Mascot for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

On 21st October 2016, a wolf named Zabivaka was picked up as the Mascot for this World Cup. Zabivaka refers to “the one who scores”. Representing an anthropomorphic wolf with brown and white wool T-shirt with the words “RUSSIA 2018” and orange sports glasses. The combination of white, blue and red T-shirt and shorts are the national colors of the Russian team. The Wolf scored 53% of votes, ahead of 27% for Tiger and 20% for Cat.

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Willie was the first ever FIFA World Cup Mascot in 1966 which was held in England. In the last edition of Football World Cup, Fuleco was the official World Cup in Brazil. Let’s have a look at previous Mascots in each Football World Cup.

List of all FIFA World Cup Mascots:

FIFA World Cup Mascot[s] Name Symbol
England 1966 Willie Lion
Mexico 1970 Juanito Boy
West Germany 1974 Tip and Tap Two Boys
Argentina 1978 Gauchito Boy
Spain 1982 Naranjito Orange Fruit
Mexico 1986 Pique Jalapeno Pepper
Italy 1990 Ciao Stick Figure
United States 1994 Striker, the World Cup Pup Dog
France 1998 Footix Cockerel
South Korea / Japan 2002 Ato, Kaz, and Nik Computer Generated Creatures
Germany 2006 Goleo VI and Pille Lion
South Africa 2010 Zakumi Leopard
Brazil 2014 Fuleco Brazilian Armadillo
Russia 2018 Zabivaka Wolf

FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot Wallpapers

Zabivaka Wolf World Cup Mascot Image Zabivaka Mascot Of 2018 Football World Cup Official Mascot For 2018 Russia WC

FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot

So that’s all about the official Mascot of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. What are your thoughts about it? Leave your reviews in the comment box below.

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