Adidas Telstar 18 Is The Official Ball For 2018 Football World Cup

Adidas Telstar 18 is unveiled as the official match ball for FIFA World Cup 2018. The German-based supplier brought back the classic model with new pattern manufactured with advanced technology. On 9th of November 2017, Adidas unveiled the Telstar 18 that will be used in the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The ball pays homage to the first-ever World Cup ball of Adidas. Telstar was first introduced in 1968 European Championship and later in 1970. Again, the Telstar official match ball was used in 1972 and 1976 European Championships. With this brand new ball, Adidas has restarted the classic Football.

fifa world cup 2018 ball

FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Match Ball

Telstar got a very good number of +ve reviews during European competitions and FIFA World Cup. So, Adidas decided to bring back the classic ball with new technology. Your parents will appreciate the design of this ball as it reminds of 70’s match balls. Telstar 18 is the top edition of its series.

Adidas’s brand Ambassador Lionel Messi was available to unveil the Telstar 18. During its unveiling, he said “I was lucky enough to get to know this ball a bit earlier and I managed to have a try with it. I like all of it: the new design, the colors, everything”.

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How Telstar got its name?

Adidas Telstar 18 Football

Adidas Telstar 18 Football

You might be wondering about the invention of its name. Well, the name of original Telstar came from its status called “star of television”. First ever Telstar Football was made in around 1970. At that time, people used to watch games on black and white televisions. It was designed with black panels to stand out on black and white televisions. This is why it is called the star of television.

A perfect combination of Black and White has been crafted on this official match ball of FIFA World Cup. This time, Adidas used different patterns on its surface that makes it different from previous balls. Between black patterns, 2018 World Cup Logo is there.

What is different in this FIFA World Cup Ball?

price of 2018 world cup ball

Telstar has completed 50 years. It is designed with a brand new carcass and sustainable elements such as recycled packaging. An embedded NFC chip is also fitted in it that enables you to interact with the ball with your mobile phone.

What is the price of Telstar 18?

Price of FIFA World Cup 2018 match ball starts from $13 to $165 on the official website of Adidas. At the price tag of $13, you’ll get the mini ball, but you can get the official match ball at $165.

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