Achilles The Cat Is The Official Match Predictor Animal

Yes, you heard it right. “Achilles” this is the name of a deaf cat which has been selected to predict the winners and losers of 2018 FIFA World Cup Football competition. Achilles was the official oracle during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 which was held in Russia last year. The cat predicted three correct winners out of four during the tournament of Champions. FIFA World has always been the World most prestigious competition which is circulated by lots of predictions.

FIFA World Cup 2018 predictor animal

Achilles the FIFA World Cup 2018 predictor animal

FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Predictor Animal

It is officially confirmed that Achilles will be the official match predictor animal of the Football competition scheduled to be held in Russia this year. Achilles was born deaf and was also chosen for the Confederations Cup of Russia last year. As Achilles is deaf, which means he will not be distracted by the noises and will be able to predict the winner on his own. You should also know that Zabivaka is the official mascot.

Maria Khaltunene, the press secretary of the Hermitage cats stated that “This decision has been made, the papers have been signed.” The statement now confirms that this cat will be the official predictor of FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. Do you know? Adidas Telstar is the official match ball of this World Cup.

Who is Achilles?

Achilles is a white cat who is deaf by born. He lives at the Hermitage Museum in the Saint Petersburg, Russia. Imported by Elizabeth I to control the population of mice. The cats have resided in the basement of the Winer Palace building, which holds a large part of the Hermitage Museum’s collection since 1745. He has been spending time with family since making predictions at the Confederations Cup one year ago.

He has blue eyes with black spots at the centers. The cat will receive a fan identification card for the competition. He will be the first ever animal to receive a fan ID. About this, Khaltunen said, “Animals are not given [Fan IDss] as there are questions concerning photos.”

Achilles Prediction Results of 2018 FIFA World Cup

We will reveal the predictions of Achilles for the upcoming matches of this competition. As the tournament has been not started yet. You have to wait. Till then you can surf the other pages of 2018 FIFA world cup live stream.

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